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    Automatic Horizontal Hot Forging Press

    2017/10/30      view:

    -Very Accurate and Reliable Pressing Action

    -High Efficiency Motors, Valves, and Pumps

    -Versatile Performance

    -Many Built-in Safety Features

    -Both Cold and Hot Forging Presses Available

    IPOWER offers an extensive range of customizable hot and cold forging presses that use localized compressive forces to shape metal into very rigid objects. With many years of manufacturing experience, we also offer highly specialized forging presses and whole plant solutions, such as fully automated shell forging production lines and forging presses coupled with automated robotics systems.

    All press models are available as both hot and cold forging systems, and can be built with capacities as large as 15,000tons. Hot forging presses are well suited for the production of hand tools, automotive and bicycle components, titanium forged parts and other small metal parts. Cold forging presses are better suited for precise tolerance forging, used in the production of precision automotive components, engine parts, aerospace components as well as steel, aluminum, copper and titanium parts.

    Our presses can be equipped with automatic transfer systems for fast and automated mass production. All in all our forging presses have been installed across the world from the USA to Japan, and with a strong focus on technological development, we strive to continually offer our customers long-lasting and high performance machinery.

    Contact us. We can provide horizontal hot forging press machines with professional technology to your brass products production line. Welcome inquiry.



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