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    What is SPM?

    2016/1/4      view:

    Specializing in system and industrial machine design for industrial equipment in industries ranging from transportation and heavy machinery to material handling and medical, IPOWER focuses on mechanical design to create the most useful, efficient machine possible.


    As experts in mechanical design, we lay out the components that drive functions as diverse as crushers, compactors, robotic pick and place tools, glass handling equipment, turret winders, crawlers, and many more. We partner with industrial design firms that design machine exteriors, maximizing our efforts and experience in the internal works of these systems and equipment.


    Possessing the ability to design industrial machinery and systems with a range of operation types, including automatic, continuous, synchronous, modular, and turnkey systems, we feature electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and programming expertise, which allows us to design complete industrial systems solely in our facility.



    IPOWER has developed number of specialty machines with the capabilities to:

    -Produce machine specifications based on your input

    -Develop innovative mechanisms and geometry to achieve your machine’s objectives

    -Design electrical machine controls to provide you with operator-safe and reliable production equipment


    We can provide special purpose machine with professional technology to your production line, for example, ball valve, gate valve, stop valve, globe valve, bonnet, Y-globe valve, LPG cylinder valve, etc. Welcome inquiry.



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