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    Automatic production line for brass bar & copper tube

    2017/10/30      view:

    This horizontal continuous casting machine including holding furnace, four roller continuous tractors, automatic hydraulic clamping. automatic cutting tracking and rest, it is suitable for produce copper rod, slab ingot and heterosexual pieces of billet. the size of our copper production from 6mm-200mm. the slab ingot and heterosexual pieces of billet. manufacturing according to the needs of user specification.

    Iron scrap will separate from copper scrap after magnet separator. Put copper scrap into the melting furnace to melt, after melted, take a spoon to breaker to cooling, and then check it element, we can check it by liquid medicine or spectrum analyzer . Whether get require element or not. If not, it can add aluminum,zinc,lead etc. When get enough element,open valve, let copper liquid flow into holding furnace to keep temperature. After holding furnace installed crystallizer and graphite mold, it can start casting rod. When melting scrap, it has smoke , so it is smoke hood on the furnace. The smoke will get into environment protection equipment by smoke hood to filter . We can see the crystallizer connect water pipe to cooling system. There are recycle water in the cooling system. The cutting machine cut rod online with setting length. It is from magnet separate, melting, casting , cutting , peeling , straightening to finial product.