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Steam Valve Rotary Special-purpose Machine

Update: 2017/11/9      View:
  • Brand:    IPOWER
  • Type:    IP-01
  • Machining Parts:    Steam Valve
  • Machining Material:    Brass,bronze,copper,stainless steel,steel,aluminum,titanium,iron

Main Features:

1.PLC Programming is adopted on the machine;

2.Using high precision rotating table;

3.The power unit is using hydraulic control feeding,the speed can be adjusted;

4.The fuel feeding pressures of power units and fixtures can be adjusted separately

5.The tapping power unit is using variable frequency motor;

6.Easy to operate and convenient to maintain

Processing materials:           Brass HPb59-1

Machine distribution:              Eight-positions with eight alxes

Machining speed:                    ≈6s

Machine power:                      ≈9KW

Area:                                      1.2x1.8㎡

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