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    What is Air Conditioner Service valves?

    2023/3/2      view:

    What is service valve?

    Service valve (AC valve) is a refrigeration pipeline connection, used for maintenance by HVAC technicians.

    AC systems have refrigerant lines, usually pure copper, that carry refrigerant from one device to another.

    HVAC technicians can perform various types of tests and services through the use of service valves. They allow HVAC technicians to perform refrigerant service without interfering with operation.

    Why is air conditioner service valve usually made of brass?

    1. Brass manufacturing process is simple.

    Brass hardness is lower, the process of making brass valves (cutting, forging/press, machining, assembly) is easier than other stainless steel, bronze valves.

    2. Brass has good mechanical properties.

    Brass, also known as copper zinc alloy, has good mechanical properties, and the price of brass is cheaper than other materials such as stainless steel, and has been loved by people because of its good sealing effect.

    3. Brass has a wide range of applications.

    Brass valves are the most widely used type of valve, not only suitable for medium and low pressure, but also suitable for high pressure. Brass valve structure length, while the fluid resistance is large, long-term operation, reliable sealing.

     Brass/copper valves not only improve the use of energy efficiency, increase the safety of production equipment(for example,cutting machine, hot forging machine, rotary transfer machine, assembly machine...), but also reduce maintenance costs and frequent maintenance, but also provide a clean and safe working environment.

    4. Brass has good wear resistance.

       When the brass valve is opened and closed, the friction between the valve disc and the valve body sealing surface is smaller than that of other materials, so the wear resistance is good, the depreciation rate is low, and the service life is higher.

    How does Service Valve Work?

    By connecting a pressure-reading device to a service valve HVAC technicians can test the pressure of your AC system.

    HVAC technicians can also use service valves to charge your AC system. Charging is the process of adding refrigerant to an AC system. With low refrigerant levels, your AC system may fail to cool your home.

    Charging will restore your AC system’s refrigerant so that it will again be able to cool your home and is typically done by connecting a device to a service valve.

    In addition to adding refrigerant, HVAC technicians can use service valves to release refrigerant.

    Too much refrigerant can cause problems. Known as overcharging, this can damage the compressor, harm cooling performance, and expose your AC system to wear and tear.